Computer Cleaning / Refresh Service

Your computers are so important to your business and/or personal activities. When they seem to be running slow, behaving differently than you want them to, making more noise than when they were new, or you're just not sure whether they're protected from the online perils that you hear about every day; you should look into getting them physically and logically cleaned / refreshed and protected.

Your PC can have fatigue from all the dust it’s been breathing. It’s not your fault, but what can you do? There’s dust and dirt in the air, on the floor, desk, carpet, blanket, couch, end table, coffee table, conference table- you name it! Dust and dirt are your computers’ worst enemies. They build up in the power supply, on each of the cooling fan’s blades, internal laptop, desktop, tower or server cooling paths, and heat sinks, blocking the necessary air flow to keep your PC running properly. That means OVERHEATING of internal components including disk controllers (hard drive, DVD, etc.), ICs, other chips, and even the main processor located under the potentially dusty dirty heat sink. After hours, days, weeks, months (years?) of operation, your laptop or PC may have an internal forest of debris preventing optimal performance. ¬†And if you have animals at home or computers in a factory or shop environment with industrial powder or automotive brake dust, grease etc., it can be thicker because dust and debris cling to animal hair, grime and grease.

And that’s just the physical part. How many times have you, other users (or those darn automated software processes), performed partial installs of programs, incomplete uninstalls of programs, had power outages while your PCs were running, had to shut the PC down fast by holding in the power button, allowed (intentionally or not) Web sites to add software such as flash programs, java scripts, activeX or proprietary players, had processes run but nothing showed up on the screen, ¬†clicked on a link in an Email but nothing happened (thank heaven- or maybe you only think nothing happened!), etc.? These conditions can leave fragmented files, unwanted files and folders, future executable programs (trojans), malicious programs that work in the background and you don’t know it- all you experience is a slower running machine, and a host of other potential immediate and/or future problems.


Business Growth Control has a Mobile Computer Clinic!

We can Clean and Refresh (physically and logically) and bring to optimal working condition, your personal and business computers. Whether you are a volunteer fire company, municipality, school, automotive dealership, construction company, accountant, lawyer, or any other business; we can service your machines during business hours, on a staggered basis for mission critical agencies, or after hours for businesses that can’t free up their equipment during normal business hours.
Our tools and materials include special cleaning agents approved by computer manufacturers, and we have non-electrostatic DataVacs (vacuums with antistatic hoses and numerous small plastic attachments designed to reach internal notebook, desktop, tower and server cooling path, internal device and circuit board environments). Did you ever see someone blowing compressed air into a keyboard or computer chassis to clean it out? It’s the worst thing you can use. They are actually forcing all the debris and small dust particles into the open electronic card sockets and other places in the chassis and under the keys where necessary contact needs to be made (depending on the construction of the keyboard). Our DataVac vacuum filters meet OSHA and EPA standards for air quality in the work environment.
Our Computer Clean and Refresh services include:

-Clean computer exterior, monitor, keyboard and mouse, using approved cleaning agents and a special smooth finish coating in service shops and greasy environments to help avoid dust cling to chassis in those environments

-Properly shut down computer, vacuum interior chassis, heat sinks, fans and cooling paths to be free of dust and debris for cooler running and longevity using special DataVacs with antistatic hoses and mini attachments

-Inspect and test power cords and map data cables. Replace connectors/cables if required and approved

-Inspect Systems for proper operation and protection (Auto-Update services, defrag, software firewall settings, Windows prefetch and temporary folders, browser settings and plug-ins, anti-malware /anti-virus protection, etc.)

-Remove unwanted software (fragmented files, conflicting .dlls, redundant programs that “fight” each other, stalled scripts, random registry entries, orphaned files from incomplete uninstalls of no-longer used prior programs, etc., that can use valuable memory and computer resources slowing down performance for the programs you do want to run

-Check for and install pending operating system updates, Adobe Reader, Flash, ActiveX, Java, Windows/System/Hosts for proper access to your company’s systems or online communications

-Install Anti-malware/antivirus protection if required and approved, and configure Windows to non-conflicting firewall settings

-Perform full system scans and remove /quarantine any found malware, dormant trojans, hidden root kits that are active or intended to be activated at a future date

-Check and clean the immediate PC environment (floor, desk, workbench, etc.), and leave a note to inform user if computer chassis vents are blocked by stored books/papers, or is too close to wall or desk privacy panel and blocking proper ventilation

Please call or click here if you are interested in increasing longevity and boosting performance of your organization's computers


Computer Repair Due to a Known or Suspected Issue

If your computer is not turning on, shuts off unexpectedly, has really bad performance issues impeding your work, has an internal or external drive that’s not being recognized, is not waking up from sleep mode, has physical or liquid damage, has a monitor that doesn’t come out of “no signal” mode, please call us to come and check it out.

We will inspect it and see if we can rectify the issue quickly on site, or take it to the lab for repair.

Please call us or click here if you have a computer(s) that need repair.