Many companies still use ad agencies to perform concept development, print, radio, TV campaigns and corporate video with original scores, in addition to digital marketing. Most companies in the Hudson Valley work out their ads with the ad sales representatives from the newspaper, radio station or cable TV provider. If you are a marketing executive or business owner who wants coordination of message for your business through company colors, letterhead and perhaps other materials and clothing, Internet, radio, TV and newspaper, we can help you. We have an in-house composer/arranger (with a degree in music) to create an original score for your existing or new product or service launch, company-wide meeting, etc. Our copy writers have been creating copy for more than 40 years, including pharmaceutical labels with bar coding and government approval processes.

In 1980, our corporation was named, Perfect Score, and we wrote music mainly for corporate video until public domain music tracks became readily available online. By the late 1980s our name was changed to Perfect Score Marketing and Advertising Group of North America, and we were writing feature articles in international¬† magazines and preparing large easel ad presentations on Bainbridge layout boards with wax and glue, for furniture, machine tool, restaurant, hotel, tire and automotive companies, to name just a few. Now all our layouts are done with graphic design software and large printers as output tools; and large, color-correct LCD screens for image presentation. But just because any company has the hardware and software does not mean that it produces good work! You still need talented individuals to come up with the concepts and ideas. You may remember us by our domain, PSMAGNA.COM. We kept the domain, and if you type it into your browser’s address bar it will forward you to Business Growth Control, the site you are on now.

We have professional, high resolution still and video camera equipment, a pro copy stand, as well as powerful production and post production software. Part of our secure network lab is an audio-video lab, where we also offer services like color correction, format transfer, and content addition and removal (in the case where you need to add a person or remove an individual or item from an image, [or a sound byte/track from a video] for example).

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