Domain Acquisition

If your business does not have a unique public domain (which is different than your business’s private network domain), we can research, select options and present findings to you, for you to choose a unique public domain for your business; register it and park it on one of our secure, robust Web servers.



Are you using public Email servers like MSN, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL for your business? They get the job of communicating done for personal Email, but many people feel that using public Email for their business portrays a more negative image of their company than a secure, private Email from their own company’s domain.  For example, receiving an Email from “” looks less professional than “,“ and people would be more apt to do business with the second, more professional-looking Email address. We can host, maintain and manage any number of secure, private Email addresses for your organization, including mail forwards for you to oversee employee communications, aliases, outgoing vacation messages, other special functions, access to private Email on a Web interface or special secure Email client installed on your device, and assistance with sending and receiving Email on your mobile devices. If you use us as your Web site host, and your domain is parked on our Web servers, all of the above services are included at no extra charge.
(At time of publication, is not a registered domain, and is used in context as an example only, with no intent to infringe on any future copyrights. The name, Mike Hammil, has been randomly chosen as an example with no specific individual in mind who may share the name. MSN, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL, are registered trademarks of their own companies.)


Web Site Design / Redesign

Our Web site designs begin by interviewing key individuals in your organization. We create an overall theme and individual page themes, and create copy for your site based on your target customer base likes and dislikes, from our own research as well as any client supplied materials used as a basis for our copy writing. We correct for spelling, grammar and usage- although taking poetic license can sometimes stress a point very well to your existing and potential customers. We create attractive visual background settings and use colors to enhance your message within your field or industry- or to use your company colors and typestyles if you have strict corporate ID. We help portray the fact that you are really experts at what you do.
We code-in text and browser instructions using the latest HTML version for cross platform (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), smartphone and tablet viewing, scan and enhance any client-supplied graphics and photos to “camera-ready”  and optimize them so they load very quickly on the site visitors’ browsers, create and modify Javascript, and add animations and hyperlinks where required and professionally appropriate.  We subscribe to photo and graphic services and have hundreds of thousands of graphics and video at our disposal to use after paying any professional fees, or we can perform on-location photo / video shoots to get compelling employee or equipment working themed images that may be required, at your business location, or the location of your installed / designed projects using our professional still image / video equipment. Then a working model of an actual Web site is built for client presentation and approval, where you have the opportunity to request any changes or modifications that you see fit, prior to site publication to the Internet on your behalf.

We can also add functionality-enhancing components to your Web site, depending on what you would like to offer your prospects, customers and/or employees for their convenience. Items like a Help Desk, Listing Service, Shopping Cart to sell products or services, Access Control for password-only page or site section access, a Calendar, multiple Forms, a Blog, a Newsletter, a Guestbook, and more.


Web Site Refresh

You may have an existing Web site that you absolutely love but it is a little “old-looking” by today’s standards or it is a poorly performing site. We can “spruce up” your existing site with a “face lift” or help it attain better Web performance by eliminating render-blocking, enabling compression, leveraging browser caching, optimizing images, adjusting CSS, HTML and/or Javascript, or more.


Managed Hosting

If we will be your Email \ Web site host, we offer managed hosting on our own Web servers.  That’s where we take care of making any changes or modifications to your site at your request on an ongoing basis. None of our clients have the ability to access our back end control panels on our Web servers. When you want something changed, you simply Email us the changes and they are made normally within 24 hours (by the next day). If there is an emergency change that needs to be made, it can be done immediately. Clients find this service to be extremely convenient, because when they attempt to make changes themselves, they sometimes mistakenly delete Web content or change site behavior- which can be a lot of work to rectify when just attempting to make what were supposed to be simple changes.

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