Secure Computer / Server Room Construction

Early construction of a secure server room using laser technology for alignment. Rows of 19 inch floor-to-ceiling equipment racks will be built with electronically locked/monitored access to lit walkways behind the equipment for service, maintenance and the addition and deletion of devices, for this business example (or local police/fire/municipality); to keep everything in-house for added security. We design and build the complete technology package based on business needs or NYS DHS and Comptroller's Office IT Governance, including the supply of devices, equipment, installation, configuration, network security assessments, remotes for employees/members with levels of access based on roles and functions, 24/7 training, maintenance and support.



Secure Conference Room Construction

We build secure conference rooms during new construction or retrofit existing rooms within companies and organizations that require levels of privacy during their meetings and think tank sessions; like this early construction example. These rooms are designed from the ground up and include secure network data lines, voice lines behind the firewall, electronics built into your existing conference tables or we can supply the conference tables and other furniture, large commercial displays and theater audio for presentations, high resolution cameras and software for video conferencing, satellite communication failover for secure network, voice and video comm, and special modes of room lighting for the room's multiple uses. There are many options for added security and possible lock-down situations, such as hidden bedding, food storage, preparation and refrigeration, negative pressure and UV-C air cleaning and recirculation, individual hidden heating/cooling systems, and interior controlled electronic door access.


Secure Safe and Panic Room Construction

Early construction of safe room infrastructure design using heavier wood and protection metals around hidden gas pipe, venting, wiring and duct work. For extreme cases where valuables or individuals need to be very well hidden, extra cost options may include thermostatically controlled exit air to match current exterior field ambient atmosphere temperature, specially shielded electrical wiring, and immediate data packet attenuation; for those perpetrators who may assume a panic room exists and use ammeters, temperature gauges, network sniffers and other devices, in an effort to discover pathways to the protected merchandise or individuals.