Secure Network Installation, Configuration, Training, Mantenance and Support

We design and install secure network wired and wireless hardware and then install your dedicated business software, and configure it to work perfectly for all your employees whether you are an engineering firm, medical practice, car dealership, insurance agency, law office, restaurant, large wedding venue... in short, we are well-versed in many business disciplines.

For compliant firehouse / municipal networks and additional government services, we have devoted a separate section on our site. Please click here.

For companies of all types there is growing concern about protecting data, personnel and systems; prompting them, in addition to the more convenient operational reasons, to install a secure network. According to the most recent FBI Internet Crime Report from their Internet Crime Complaint Center; in 2023 trending scams such as BEC (Business Email Compromise), ransomware, tech support fraud, and extortion totaled 880,418 complaints with reported losses in excess of $12.5 billion.

Let’s not forget the positive reasons, or the benefits for your businesses, that upgrading to a secure network can provide:

-Cost effective sharing of resources

-Streamline business processes for productivity and critical data backup

-Freedom to choose the right tools (hardware and software combinations)

-Flexible collaboration among employees and companies

-Improved customer relationships

-Secure management of sensitive information

-Instantaneous secure access to your information from anywhere

-Keep your individual employees or groups on track and on time with projects/production

-Plus more (to be discussed for your custom application(s) if you are interested

We select the correct secure network devices for your business and applications, as well as the proper location to install your secure network equipment. Many factors are considered including, but not limited to, cleanliness, temperature control, and conformation to IT codes. We install your home run LAN lines, terminate, punch down and tone out each one, and cable map them to include 7 pieces of information for each run. Electricians as well as low voltage experts are on our staff. Proper electrical circuits, with redundancy, are run for the uninterruptable power supplies/smart battery backups we select for your applications which power a multifunction server, router/firewall/gateway, POE multiport, multilayer switches, secure netclient workstations, wireless access points, netclient workstations, and other equipment and devices based on your individual custom secure network. Every secure network we install is different, just like each company we work with is different. For some companies we install WAN failover across a second or third provider, in case Spectrum Business Class goes down (planned-for maintenance for example;  or unplanned- for a pole accident or downstream issue for example), and the WAN connectivity will automatically switch to Verizon FIOS, to keep the company up and running. Please note that the above scenario is just an example and is not intended to indicate that one provider is more reliable than another.

Your complete secure network is assembled, configured and tested in our secure lab, including designed security algos on the firewall, packet inspection rates, device compatibility/communication, server-to-each-host, and much more, so we don’t have to run up and down levels or from one end of the building to the other wasting your time and money during installation. We simply install all the machines where they need to be, power up and re-test. If we will be serving as your acting IT director or an administrator on your network, or you subscribe to our TMS Service, we will interview the secure network owner(s) and designated executives, managers, and contacts in your organization for information about users and permissions on the network and configure all of the users, passwords, levels of access, etc., for your convenience, as well as make modifications upon your request.

After your secure network is installed, we will train your employees about its use, topology, provide an explanation about the hardware/software installed and approved for use by the particular audience being trained, answer any questions they may have at the time, and provide them with our support phone line in case they have any questions about the secure network in the future (if you use our TMS (training, maintenance and support service).

Our TMS Service includes performing software upgrades and protection updates when required; proper periodic cleaning and maintenance of our installed network devices, netclient workstations and equipment; we will serve as liaison to all network-related carriers, providers, telcos, suppliers and vendors; we will periodically and properly back up and store your critical data off site per IT code; continually train company personnel upon request; and modify the network systems when requested and approved by the secure network owner(s). Other services may be included depending on the needs of the organization.

Please call or click here to request more information about getting a secure network for your organization.


Workgroup Upgrade Services

We can upgrade you to a secure network if your existing workgroup is only a box with data storage and multi-user access. You currently have no network with internal company domain, no multi-function server with its own operating system, no active directory services for users and computers, no DNS services or security, etc. We can design, install, and configure a secure network for you and add your existing storage box as NAS (network access storage), so you can enjoy all the benefits of networking (See the benefits of networking listed above). However, if your existing storage box is very slow, we can transfer the data to your new secure network fileserver which will be capable of high speed data manipulation for all employees.

Please call or click here if you are interested in upgrading from a workgroup to a feature-rich and secure network


Secure Remote Access

One of the most used benefits of our clients for whom we have installed and maintain a secure network is secure remote access. Many times when we propose a secure network and talk about remote access, the executives and owners in our meeting say, “Why would I need to access my PC from Punta Cana or even from my home at night? When I’m off, I don’t want to be working!”

One scenario, is the secretary for the town is away on vacation and payroll needs to be done on Monday. She thought there was enough money in the disbursement account to cover everyone before she went away on Saturday for a week. She gets a text or a call from one of the office clerks, or a temp who was hired to fill in for her while she is on vacation, telling her there’s not enough money in the account. Does she want to say, “Here’s my server password for access to the town’s KVS Financial Software accounts… it’s pretty simple to figure out once you get in, please deposit into the disbursement account what you need to pay everyone.” Or should she say, “Ok thanks for letting me know, the money will be in the account by 3PM” and then she remotes into the server from wherever she is and makes the transfer herself, without having to give up her password. There are hundreds of scenarios where secure remote access can be extremely useful and very important to any organization or business. Please contact us about getting a secure network or securing your existing network.