Assistance for Executives and Business Owners

Sometimes owners and executives are so close to their every-day operations that it is difficult to take a step back and come up with ideas that are “out of the box,” current and unique, perhaps even unique within your industry, but can reap success. We have had the opportunity to analyze daily operations, procedures, and business-to-customer interactivity of many businesses in the US and abroad, as well as conduct customer focus groups for manufacturers. These efforts have led to the creation of custom operational and procedural plans including internal and external marketing, to help companies successfully accomplish their goals. Although no two companies' plans are the same, we have accumulated a wealth of cause-and-effect resources to use as tools to design programs that can help your business accomplish its goals, or even develop its goals to help you lead in your marketplace. ┬áIt is interesting to see that what works particularly well for one business in an industry, may not work well for another business in the same industry. This may be due to organizational circumstances, shortcomings, proximity, talent, or other internally or externally limiting conditions that need to be identified and corrected.

There are other times when an executive gets promoted to a position he or she knows little about, simply because of longevity with the company, popularity with the board of directors, passing away or abrupt resignation of the senior executive or small business owner; and the recently promoted exec has a limited understanding or direction, and needs assistance to lead the organization toward improvement or success. We can serve as your announced or ghost executive consultant so that you can fulfill the expectations of your directors, staff, vendors, and employees; who are all looking to you for direction and to set the posture in a relatively short time.

Since every program and strategy is different for each company, based on its individual needs determined by research, we would rather not publish examples as case studies, but keep all of our client situations and programs confidential. Here are a few of the services that we provide, either on an individual basis, or in combination to produce a program that will accomplish designed company goals.

Growth Strategy
Business Plan
Employee Relations
Behavior Modification
Search Assignments
Workflow Systems and Matrices
Space Utilization
Office Ergonomics
Technical Displays and Kiosks
Technical Equipment Setups
Internal Data Centers
Marketing Plan
Market Research
Feasibility Studies
Market Development
Competitive Analyses
Product Development
Packaging and Labeling
Company/Corporate Identity
Lead Generation
Creative Gleaning of New Prospect Information
Database Marketing
Selling Systems
Event Marketing
Shows and Exhibits
Editorial Placement
Speech Writing
Media Management
Shareholder Relations
Leadership Building
Turn-Around Programs
Instructional Design
Sales Training
Product Training
User Guide/Manual Writing
Motivation Building Programs
Incentive Programs
Recognition Programs

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